Our company started with the vision of an iconic, storied duo: that of a boy and his dog, darting off to traverse the globe and seek adventure. It’s one that charms us; we believe that it holds a bit of magic.

With this as our source of inspiration, we imagine designs that are not only complex and beautiful, but also engage through a deeper, layered narrative. We use storytelling as the catalyst for everything we create.
We believe that the tail should sometimes wag the dog (no pun or reference to our namesake, of course). We never try to justify the meaning behind the inspiration for a design. Instead we start at the beginning – with a spark. We are tuned to history and myth, folklore and fable – a creative tapestry that informs all that we do.

And whether we are working to recreate historical documents, staying true to the past, or we conjure up an idea with a dash of artistic license, we approach everything we do with a sense of authenticity and meaning.

We know we can’t tackle this endeavor alone, and our collaborative partners are critical to our success. By tapping into a network of the best printers and weavers all over the world – including the US, Italy, and beyond – we’ve amassed a tremendous range of capabilities to achieve almost anything we – or you – can imagine, regardless of complexity.

Our company’s founder and creative director, Zak Profera, draws influence from his early studies of conceptual art at the prestigious San Francisco Art Institute. His relentlessly curious nature and adherence to eclecticism have resulted in the creation of an aesthetic that is classic, contemporary, and ever shifting. It is based on the notion that great ideas can come from the most unlikely of places. From the outskirts of Istanbul in search of vintage finds, to the depths of the Black Forest for an open-air expedition, Zak’s travels afar charge his imagination with the same sense of adventure that inspirits his designs. He presently lives and works in New York City with his fox, Shinji.

And then there is our very own FOX – though it’s not hard to see from where his alias derives. Shinji, Zak’s loyal companion at home and in his travels, is critical to the success of the business, offering both entertainment and occasional design counsel.
We encourage you to work with our ZAK+FOX studio and showroom in New York City, but you may also contact your local showroom or representative.
Trade registration is easy -- simply click here to sign up as a member of the design industry. Once your application is approved, you will be able to request memos and place orders directly through our studio.

We offer the option to reserve any of our in-stock goods for up to one week.

While our most popular prints are kept in stock, we still print many designs in our collection on a per-order basis. While we always do our best to get your order delivered as soon as possible, print-to-order fabrics generally have a lead-time of 2-5 weeks, and our stocked fabrics ship within 1-2 business days after receipt of payment. Rush orders for items not in stock will be accommodated when possible and are subject to an upcharge.

We request a 5 yard minimum for any order, or can offer cuts as low as one yard for any of our in-stock goods with an additional $50 cut fee. For items not kept in stock, we can fulfill orders as low as 3 yards with an additional $50 cut fee.

We are happy to offer CFAs for any of our in-stock fabrics. Our print-to-order designs are bespoke and we do not have the ability to offer a CFA for these designs. If you would like request a strike-off before your order is put into production, you may do so for an additional fee. You also have the right to waive a CFA.

Merchandise must be inspected upon delivery for color, yardage, and for any irregularities before cutting and/or treatment. Returns cannot be made once the fabric has been cut or treated. "Perfect" goods and custom goods cannot be returned. Returns must be made within 15 days of receipt. Shipping costs and adjustments, such as cut fees and rush fees, will not be reimbursed. Our fabrics are not guaranteed against natural wear, abrasion, stretch, shrinkage, fading, or dye-lot variations.

We offer custom color options for almost all of our patterns, with a five yard minimum order. All custom jobs are subject to a 25% upcharge; custom design work is billed for at an hourly rate.

Thanks to our diverse range of printing practices, we have the ability to rescale or recolor our existing prints. Additionally, we can create brand new designs entirely suited to your projects. Many of our patterns can easily be adapted from fabric to wallcovering (and vice versa) and we can print almost any of our patterns onto high quality, performance-grade goods suited for hotel and hospitality projects – minimums do apply.